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A new interview from Skrutt Magazine

As this Saturday in Sweden turns to night we give you this wonderful interview with the band!

It´s an interview with Peter Thorsson from Skrutt Magazine.

Here´s the english version: www.skruttmagazine.se/whitelimoeng.htm

And here´s the swedish version: www.skruttmagazine.se/whitelimosve.htm

All the best



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The Magic Formula of White limo. A great little review!

Hey there folks!

Here is a great little review of our new single Daylight.
“- Imagine Stone Temple Pilots hanging out with Joe Walsh and you´ll get this wonderful song.” – Kaj Roth

Read more Here –> http://rothnroll.blogspot.se/2015/01/the-magic-formula-of-white-limo.html?m=1

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White Limo on Sveriges Radio P4 Väst

Hey People!

We just got back from another adventure in the limousine. We were interviewed by Marcus Gorne & Peter Olsson in the nice studio at Sveriges Radio P4 Väst. This interview is a part in releasing our first single “Daylight” from the upcoming album “Magic Formula” that will be released on the 23 of february 2015.

Follow this link to listen to the show. It starts at 1:04:55 (it´s in swedish): http://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt/491754?programid=2944&playepisode=491754

Rumors speak of another interview coming up already next week…

All the best


Live radio right now!

Ett foto publicerat av White Limo (@whitelimoband)

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New single coming on Jan 20. Teaser online now!

Hey Folks!
The time has come, in only four days our new single “Daylight” will be released.
This is the first step in our collaboration with Border Music.
One more single will be released before we unleash our EP “Magic Formula” on Feb 23.

So here is a little teaser!

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A greeting and update from Andy. The calm before the storm.

Hi girls and boys, it´s been pretty quiet about us for a while now. We´re not as big as we think we are YET! So slow periods accur, we dont want that ofcourse, and december is one of those slow months.
Anyhow, we´re starting off the new year with a great collaboration with Border Music and the first single from our upcoming album will be released on the 20:th of January.
The same day we´re doing a interview with Radio P4 west.
Our second music video will see the light of day on the 9:th of February along with our second single from Magic Formula.
Ok, just some information from us to tell you guys that we are ALIVE!

And for those who haven´t seen the video for Bleeding Alone – here it is. Have a killer Saturday night and we´ll see you soon.

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New fantastic photos added from our show at Sticky Fingers.

Hey there!

Just click “Photos” in the menu or click the link!

These photos are really great and they really show how great of a time we had at this show.
Special thanks to our great photographer Reine Jonsson
( http://www.kurukururin.se/elliotghostphotography/ )


Have a great day!
//White Limo

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Live video from Sticky Fingers show!

Hey there!
Here is a live video from our show at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg on September 26th 2014.
We had such a great time at this show and a big thanks go out to everyone that was a part of it.

Until next time.
/White Limo

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Hello there!
Our latest single “Winter Rain” is featured on a great playlist!
We are happy to be one of the bands that Mattias Kling from the big swedish newspaper Aftonbladet thinks people should check out this month.

Article (Swedish) – http://bloggar.aftonbladet.se/hardrocksbloggen…

Spotify Playlist

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Great review on IndieHabit.com

“Clean, big drums, nice guitar tones, and fuzzed bass give “Winter Rain” its character.”

This is a great read and a fine review of our single “Winter Rain” be sure to check it out!


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New single “Winter Rain”. Out now!

The first track from our upcoming EP is out now.  Listen and enjoy!

This is the new single from the upcoming EP “Magic Formula” wich is to be released later this year.

“Magic Formula” goes deeper into modern arena rock. It explores the beautiful and polished big rock which we all love.

This is the single “Winter Rain”.




/White Limo

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