Great review on

“Clean, big drums, nice guitar tones, and fuzzed bass give “Winter Rain” its character.”

This is a great read and a fine review of our single “Winter Rain” be sure to check it out!


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New single “Winter Rain”. Out now!

The first track from our upcoming EP is out now.  Listen and enjoy!

This is the new single from the upcoming EP “Magic Formula” wich is to be released later this year.

“Magic Formula” goes deeper into modern arena rock. It explores the beautiful and polished big rock which we all love.

This is the single “Winter Rain”.




/White Limo

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Recording is in high gear and “Winter Rain” is getting closer.

As the summer is coming to an end in Sweden (it turns cold really fast here), we are in high gear on several fronts.

“Winter Rain” is the the title of the single from our upcoming EP.
We are proud, happy and excited about this song and eager to let you hear it!
The song is getting some minor tweaks tomorrow and then its just mixing and mastering left.

In the meantime we are also recording the rest of the songs that will become the EP .
The art-work and concept is being worked on aswell and some really amazing things are being created.

Be sure to check out our instagram and Facebook for the latest updates on our progress and find out why Jesper is so happy.

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White Limo + Concept Sweden Management

Hi friends. It´s time to let the cat out of the bag and reveal wich company we signed with.
We are proud and honoured to have signed a deal with Concept Sweden Management. They are a growing and expanding company with a lot in store and a lot going on.
This is a really exciting time for us, and I know that we are going to make magic together.
So now more than ever keep an eye out for the White Limo.
Have a fantastic Friday.
/Andreas, Oliver, Jesper and Nisse

Concept Sweden Management

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New show booked!

New show booked!
Thanx everyone who was at the show we did at Sunkälla Festival this weekend. We had a lot of fun playing for you guys.
We got a new show booked on Friday the 26:th of September at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg.
We´re really looking forward to give you a show to remember. But before that we´re playing Gothia Cup Festival next wednesday.
Have an awesome Sunday.

White Limo @ Sticky Fingers event:

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Time to push the red button.

Hey there folks.
After months of preparation with writing songs and getting some gear in order, we are ready to convert the White Limo HQ into “Studio mode” and start the recording of our new EP. We are extremely proud of our new songs and cant wait to share them with you all.

The EP will contain 5 songs and among them we have titles like “Horizon” and “Black Roses“.

So we are going to be hard at work in the studio the coming weeks, but also take a break to do 2 shows.
Sunkälla Festival on the 11 of July and Gothia Cup Festival on the 16 of July.

Follow our progress on the new ep on Facebook and Instagram.

Over and out
/White Limo

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Great things are coming.

Hey there folks!
A little update on whats going on in Camp White Limo
Last night Nisse did an interview with Isabelle from Bohusläningen, about his life as a musician and of course a big dose of White Limo.
It will be a good read. So stay tuned!

nizzbohus - Copy

The hit factory is in high gear and we literally have some golden songs on the horizon.
A release will come later this year.
Make sure to follow our progress on Facebook and our Instagram.
Over and out.
//White Limo

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Update: Gearing up and moving forward.

Hey folks.
First of: We had a great time playing West Pride Thursday night, thanks to all for the wonderful support.

Here is whats going on in Camp White Limo:
¤ We have something going on that will be official soon, something great. As soon as all things are in place, you will know.

¤ Right now we are in writing/recording mode, creating songs that are going to blow your minds.

¤ Last but not least in any way. On July 12 we are playing Sunkälla Festival and we are really excited about that.

Thanks and have a great day!
/White Limo

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May and the grand finale.

After 3 great shows in May, the big one is coming up in one week.
We are stoked to play West Pride Festival on the 29 of May.

In other news:
We are writing and recording new songs right now and are planning a release later this year.
Magical things going on in the studio, I can tell you that!

Follow us on instagram (@whitelimoband) and join the ride!

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New show booked. A charity event to help the people of Valparaíso.

Hello everyone.
On the 12 of april this year, tragedy struck in Valparaíso Chile.
A huge fire took down around 3000 homes and at least 15 people have lost their lives.
Now its time to show support and help them rebuild and move forward.

We are very glad to be one of the acts performing on a charity concert this Friday (May 16).
The group puerto a puerto is hosting this event and you will find all the info on their page.
Official Facebook event

So join us in Gothenburg on Friday! Or support the people in Valparaíso however you can.
// White Limo

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