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New Drummer wanted as Jesper leaves the band.

White Limo are now looking for a new drummer. Jesper has decided to quit the band due to circumstances out of our control.
We respect his decision and wish him all the best.
Here is a message from Jesper himself:

“Det är med tungt hjärta som jag idag meddelar Er om att jag kommer att lämna platsen som trummis i White Limo och lägga trummpinnarna på hyllan för en tid. Det har varit fantastiskt roligt, utmanande och en sann ära att få ha varit med på denna resa med Andreas, Nisse och Oliver. Jag önskar dom all lycka och framgång i framtiden. Må väl! // Jesper”

The Limo will roll on and we are now looking for a new drummer, if you are a drummer and want to play in a band with passion and driving force to become one of the great Arenarock bands out there and become a  member of our family. Then dont hesitate to contact us! info@whitelimo.se

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Rock Review Phil talk Magic Formula

More great press keep coming in, and this time Rock Review Phil Blog let us know what he thinks about the EP. And he likes it.

” Daylight just so happens to be the best possible choice to close Magic Formula with. It has the modern alternative rock sound that White Limo seems to have mastered on all tracks, but this song specifically has a very upbeat feeling, unlike any other on Magic Formula, that just makes me want more every time I hear it.” Rating 8.5/10

Full article –> https://rockreviewphil.wordpress.com/2015/02/28/white-limo-magic-formula/

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Slavestate Magazine likes Magic Formula.

Awsome review from the swedish Slavestate Magazine.
“Inledande “Winter rain” är en välputsad, dynamisk historia där allt sitter precis där det ska, och Nisse Lindberg (sång, gitarr) visar prov på att vara en ordentligt välskolad vokalist”

Slavestate recension

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Magic Formula released today!

Today marks a milestone in the adventure of White Limo.
We are very proud to release our new EP Magic Formula with Border Music.
The EP is avalible on Spotify, Soundcloud, Itunes, Wimp and other digital markets.
This is the first of many milestones to come!

Join us on facebook and Instagram for the latest news and see what we are up to, as the journey continues!

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Great words from skruttmagazine.se about Magic Formula.

Another great review of MAGIC FORMULA.
From skruttmagazine.se.
White Limo have a bright future, for this kind of indie rock is more than interesting.

Skrutt Review

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Gaffa.se reviews Magic Formula

More reviews of  Magic Formula keeps popping up.
Gaffa.se just posted one!
Check it out right here: http://www.gaffa.se/recension/92147


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New Review from IKON 1931/Ung Tro


Friday I´m in love!

Yet another nice review of the upcoming album “Magic Formula” from the swedish magazine IKON 1931/Ung Tro.



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Rock United Review of Magic Formula

A great review of Magic Formula on Rock United Reviews.
“Stillers (bass) and Svensson’s (drums) steady rhythm section, Larsson’s wicked guitar work, and Lindberg’s raggedy, raw vocals and guitar work combining to form a sound that is both genuine and strangely familiar.”

Read the full review here: http://rockunitedreviews.blogspot.se/2015/01/white-limo-magic-formula.html



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New single Horizon out now!

This week starts off with a big bang. Our new single Horizon is out today, just one week before we release the full EP Magic Formula.
This is one of the first tracks written for this EP and we are very proud to finally share it with the world!
Enjoy and have a great Monday!

Avalible on both Soundcloud and Spotify.

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Brand new single Horizon out on Feb 16!

We are very proud to present the artwork for our upcoming single Horizon (Release on feb 9 with with Border Music AB).

This is the last single before the EP release on Feb 23.
Look out for a teaser on Saturday!

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