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500+ and alot going on!

First of all, THANK YOU!
We just reached 500+ Likes on Facebook. That’s just awsome!
Keep them coming and be sure to follow the page to get it in your feed.

There is alot going on!
Camp White Limo is in preparation mode.
3 shows in Gothenburg in May alone. Thats just fantastic.
At the same time we are recording a Pre Production of new songs, fantastic new songs that will be on our next release.
(Follow the progress on Instagram: @whitelimoband and on


Over and out.
Oliver | White Limo

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Festivals this summer!

Hello there Limo-lovers!

We are happy to announce that we play at least 2 festivals this summer. We start of with the West Pride Festival 28 th of may – 1 june 2014, in Gothenburg City, which raises alot of questions, and support that everybody shall have the right to be themselves, or whoever they want to be. We support the movement, and we want you all to join in the tango!


Festival Facebook:

Festival Facebook Event:

We continue dancing @ Sunkälla Festival @ Styrsö Island in the Gothenburg Archipelago on the 12 July 2014.

Facebook Facebook:  Sunkälla Festival

Hope to see you all there!


White Limo

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New review of “Secret Sounds”.

We just recieved 5/7 in a fantastic review by the E-Zine
Avalible in both English and Swedish. Check it out!

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Photos from Sticky Fingers

We just added some great photos from our show at Sticky Fingers.
Check them out here!

Photos taken by our friend Elias Gustafsson, who also directed our music video for “Bleeding Alone”.
This was a fantastic show and we had a blast.

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Featured on Hagström Facebook page

White Limo loves Hagström Guitars. We use them on our recordings and on stage.
We are very happy that they posted these photos from our show at Club Showdown:
Check out their facebook page:…

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The T-shirts have arrived!

We just got the first shipment of T-shirts, and they look smashing!
To get your own, just visit and follow the simple instructions to place an order.
Balloon Artwork

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Sticky Fingers on Friday!



We´re doing a show at Sticky Fingers Top Floor on Friday!

Don´t be late we play at 21.30, doors open at 21.

See you there!

White Limo

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White Limo + Feeble Music = It´s on!

It´s a fact! We have signed a deal with Feeble Music, and are now a member of the Bad Taste Empire family. That makes us very happy and excited. Feeble Music is a division of Bad Taste Records, one of the biggest independent record labels in Scandinavia, and they function as a one-stop for music supervisors around the globe.
Have a great Wednesday!

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2014, the year of the limo!

We have some great news for you all.

We just booked a show in Hamburg (Germany) on the 26 of July and we are exited to give the people of Hamburg a show to remember.
Also there is some whispers about a show in Denmark this summer. More on that soon.

As if that were not enough, we have some great deals on the horizon. I cant tell you about it yet. But its worth waiting for.
Next up is our first show ever, in our home town Gothenburg. On the 8th of February we will shake the top floor of Henriksberg like its never been shaked before.

The year has started with a bang! They will keep coming and get bigger and bigger!

For more news, faster news and great stuff, come join us on Facebook:
Thats all for now.
Over and out.

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Back to reality

Your friend Andreas from White Limo here. Christmas and new years eve is over and it´s back to buisiness as usual. That goes for us to. We´ve got a new date for a Gothenburg show booked, and that is the 8:th of February at Henriksberg – top floor.
We´ve also got some exciting times ahead of us and have some really good news for you guys – but you can´t know what it is right now. Yes I know it´s a real cliff hanger. But hold on, we´ll let you know soon my friends.
Until next time
Take care of yourselves.

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