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…….and then there were three.

So we are going trio and it feels good!
We are sounding even better than before and things are falling into place.
We’re also working on a brand new EP that will show you that we are not slowing down, on the contrary we are gearing up!
Besides some of the best bands in the world are a trio, Biffy Clyro, Muse, The Police, Green Day, the list can go on and on.
With that said we open up a new chapter in the book White Limo and our story continues, and we are really excited and hungry for whats to come.
We are always open for another guitar in the band but we are not going to stop because we cant find a fourth member.
So come find us, you know were we are!
See you soon!
Andy – Oliver – William

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We have found our new frontman!

Hi awesome people!
As you know we have been looking for someone to sing and play guitar in White Limo. The search has gone litteraly from the south to the very north of this beautiful country. Unfortunately the ones who have tried out for the band didn’t match what we are looking for. We need someone that can deliver that extra energy on stage, sing his heart out and write really good songs. Little did we know that that person were closer than we thought.
We are proud and honoured to present White Limo’s new frontman and guitarist:
ANDY….. Founding member and the main song writer since the beginning, which makes this transition very natural and will only make us stronger.
The spot for lead guitarist is soon to be replaced aswell. We have auditioned a few and there is someone special that we kept and are rehearsing with a lot. He is a really cool dude, writes good music and we feel as of now that he will be perfect for the band.
With that said our next move is to release a brand new song with the new line up to show you that we won’t slow down, we´re sounding better than ever and change is a good thing.
Thanks for your time reading this and see you on the road!

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Our drummer sits down to play, you will never believe what happens next.

Our drummer sits down to play, you will never believe what happens next.
This happened just the other day, and we are very happy we got it on film. It is very strange. Very strange indeed.

Check it out!

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William is our new drummer!

We found him! His name is William and he was born with the groove pre installed.
A new chapter in the White Limo  saga starts right now, and we could not be more happy about that.


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Fantastic Review + Exclusive Free Download!

This is a great review from the Blog/Zine WMD.

“Always a fan of musicians that broaden their horizons to let their music spread to a wider audience, I was very happy to be introduced to new Swedish rock collective, White Limo, with their inviting mix of melodic rock and unpredictable tempos.”


2 Tracks exclusive download and the full article here:

We are back. The limo is up and running, we have found our new drummer and you will meet him very soon!
//White Limo

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New Drummer wanted as Jesper leaves the band.

White Limo are now looking for a new drummer. Jesper has decided to quit the band due to circumstances out of our control.
We respect his decision and wish him all the best.
Here is a message from Jesper himself:

“Det är med tungt hjärta som jag idag meddelar Er om att jag kommer att lämna platsen som trummis i White Limo och lägga trummpinnarna på hyllan för en tid. Det har varit fantastiskt roligt, utmanande och en sann ära att få ha varit med på denna resa med Andreas, Nisse och Oliver. Jag önskar dom all lycka och framgång i framtiden. Må väl! // Jesper”

The Limo will roll on and we are now looking for a new drummer, if you are a drummer and want to play in a band with passion and driving force to become one of the great Arenarock bands out there and become a  member of our family. Then dont hesitate to contact us!

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Rock Review Phil talk Magic Formula

More great press keep coming in, and this time Rock Review Phil Blog let us know what he thinks about the EP. And he likes it.

” Daylight just so happens to be the best possible choice to close Magic Formula with. It has the modern alternative rock sound that White Limo seems to have mastered on all tracks, but this song specifically has a very upbeat feeling, unlike any other on Magic Formula, that just makes me want more every time I hear it.” Rating 8.5/10

Full article –>

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